Photos of the La Reserva de Marbella area.

Welcome to the La Reserva de Marbella gallery.

We have an enormous archive of photographs of the La Reserva de Marbella area on file, and it's a file that continues to grow every week. In order to show as many photos and videos of the area as possible, we have started to upload images and arranged them in a geographical order so that the pictures are grouped in sections according to the areas in which the photos were taken. Each section has been sub-titled to assist with visitors new to the area, as well as for ease of reference for returning visitors that already know the area quite well.

The development history of the La Reserva de Marbella area began in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with the then new construction of villas, townhouses and apartments proving to be popular with the local population requiring a property for permanent residency, as well as buyers from northern European countries seeking a second home in the sun.


Because the region has grown across several decades of varying buying trends and economic ups and downs, the area has been influenced through the drawing boards of many different architects, each tasked with designing properties that appeal to both sets of buyers, not forgetting the demand from the holiday rental market too. It is therefore very interesting to see how the architectural styles of each La Reserva urbanisation, independent villas and even a hotel complex, are complimentary to the neighbourhoods that came before them and respectful to the natural surroundings and landscape that surrounds them.

Some relatively smaller plots of land continue to be developed in modern times, with the recent release of four new villas of contemporary design being made freshly available for 2020. Of striking composition, high quality modern construction methods and loaded with the latest technology, the developer offers further personalisation options for a totally unique residency. Despite not yet having been built, these fantastic villa designs have been included in our gallery to provide a glimpse into what the future of La Reserva de Marbella might hold.


We have arranged the photo albums to start at La Reserva de Marbella Fase II, an urbanisation of 700 apartments across six separate communities called 'Manzanas'. Starting at Manzana 1, a community 42 apartments over two bloques, we are also showing Manzana 2 with its five bloques, Manzana 3 housing seven bloques, Manzana 4 with 3 bloques, Manzana 5 with two, before Manzana 6 with a further four bloques.


We have focused the theme of each gallery to be of 'communal areas and views'. The entire district of La Reserva offers a beautiful blend of sea, pool and natural landscape views, and we hope to bring all of these attributes together to showcase them on one page.


We intend to keep adding new pictures to the gallery to display this pictureque piece of Marbella East and to show the views from viewpoints that are not readily accessible. If you live or own a property in La Reserva de Marbella and would like to share your views with us too, please let us know and we will be delighted to hear from you.

Happy viewing!

La Reserva de Marbella Fase II, Manzana 1 communal areas and views:
La Reserva de Marbella Fase II, Manzana 2 communal areas and views:
La Reserva de Marbella Fase II, Manzana 3 communal areas and views:
La Reserva de Marbella Fase II, Manzana 4 communal areas and views:
La Reserva de Marbella Fase II, Manzana 5 communal areas and views:
La Reserva de Marbella Fase II, Manzana 6 communal areas and views: