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Welcome to the La Reserva de Marbella blog!

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Someone once said: 'The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago; the next best time is right now'. So, here it is: our tree; the La Reserva de Marbella blog that we should have started ages ago. Welcome!

What's to be found here?

Well, in all honesty, we don't yet know. We are hoping to grow the blog and find its direction as the whole website evolves over time. Maybe no-one will read our posts but, for those that do, we are hoping to bring some helpful information of the really beautiful area of La Reserva de Marbella, including all urbanisations, complexes and local businesses.

The commercial centre Doña Pepa is one of the landmarks at the entrance to La Reserva de Marbella from the main A7 road.
Centro Comercial Doña Pepa, La Reserva de Marbella

Like a tree, the growth of a good blog should be steady and sure. This post is the root system from which to grow as we branch (!) out to include as much information and topics as we can think of.

The photo to the left shows Centro Comercial Doña Pepa, one of the most notable landmarks located at the main entrance to La Reserva de Marbella from the main A-7 road. There are a number of excellent businesses choosing to use CC Doña Pepa as their base and we hope to be showcasing them over time to bring a spotlight to them.

An online search of 'la reserva de marbella' generates results that are focused mainly on real estate sales, the VIME hotel complex and little else through the next dozen pages. This blog will try to change that by bringing a more personalised feel on behalf of the community, residents and businesses here. Online results rarely capture reality precisely, so we will also be using photos and videos to help explain as accurately as possible the naturally beautiful area that is La Reserva de Marbella and all within it.


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Apr 23

Just like the growth of a tree, the growth of a good blog begins with planting the first seed of content. Your dedication to showcasing the beauty of the area and local businesses is truly inspiring.

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